Clearview Intelligence provide solutions that transform operator and driver behaviour, making travel easy, efficient and safe. From highways to parking, we focus on safety for all our customers and through efficient delivery, we deploy the right technology and expertise to keep traffic flowing, reduce congestion and prevent incidents.


Clearview’s M100 wireless vehicle detection system is an example of safer solutions that help prioritise the welfare of roadworkers. The sensors are up to five times faster to install than inductive loops and only require a single hole to be cored, which means workers never need turn their back to oncoming traffic. Without the need for a power source, the system eliminates the need for time consuming drilling, ducting and trenching across carriageways. Instead the sensors are installed independently of each other in the centre of the lane, also reducing the need for full carriageway closures. Reducing the time spent in the carriageway reduces roadworker exposure and subsequently the risks and potential impact on mental health. 


Clearview’s solutions are faster to install, require less maintenance and have a longer operational lifespan. Not only does this minimise the disruption to drivers – and the risk of abuse – but it increases the distance between workers and live traffic, reducing stress and anxiety levels.


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