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Safer Road Workers,

Safer Road Users

Who We Are


The purpose of Safer Highways is to keep health, safety and wellbeing at the forefront of the highways industry and to help drive awareness, strong leadership, effective communication and best practice across all levels in our sector.

Our Vision


That the highways sector becomes a beacon of best practice for the good management of all health, safety and wellbeing issues, and that other sectors look to us as leaders in this field.


We want to drive forward and constantly innovate, never standing still and ensure we always strive to be seen as pioneers in our sector.


We want to look back in years to come and be proud to see that we have made a lasting difference for everyone who works in our industry at every level.

Our Members


Join us and make a difference
By becoming a member of Safer Highways you will be joining many of your peers in helping to improve skillsets and redefine standards around Health, Safety and Wellbeing across our sector.

Membership gives you access to some of the cutting edge products, innovations and new thinking in order that we are all ensure our people go home safe, everyday.

Our Resources


Developed by the industry, our resources and publications shine a light upon established best practice ground breaking new innovation and ways of thinking, all with the sole aim of making the conditions healthier, better and safer for those we put to work on a daily basis.