That the highways sector becomes a beacon of best practice for the good management of all health, safety and wellbeing issues, and that other sectors look to us as leaders in this field.


We want to drive forward and constantly innovate, never standing still and ensure we always strive to be seen as pioneers in our sector.


We want to look back in years to come and be proud to see that we have made a lasting difference for everyone who works in our industry at every level.

SH Magazine Issue 8 is now ready to Download


Safer Highways is delighted to announce that the latest edition of our award-winning Magazine is now.


It is an exciting time for highways on both the high and low speed networks across both England and Scotland. We have seen over the last three months the Highways England RIS 2 plan come into place along with Transport Scotland’s ambition to eliminate road deaths by 2050.

Thriving at Work Survey 2020


Last year we sampled the 100 biggest organisations who work, not only on the strategic road network, but also who serve to maintain our local roads to establish where we, as a sector, sit against the government report - published in 2017.


This year we have widened our ambitions.


As time moves on and standards improve we also recognise the need to take the survey further and indeed to benchmark ourselves against other sectors.


That is why this year’s survey will do exactly that.

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Make it a specific criminal offence to assault a highway worker

Change the law to ensure highways workers are afforded the same level of protection against abuse as emergency workers

Rates of abuse from members of the public towards highways workers are alarmingly high. The subject is largely ignored and only by the stiffening of penalties can we really effect positive change




The Lighthouse Trust supports education and training initiatives within the industry and if someone is so badly injured or suffering from an illness which means they cannot return to their normal work, we can provide access to finance to re-train within our sector. We also finance socially disadvantaged young people and young offenders through education programmes to get into construction

Our health and safety fund finances innovative and implementable ideas to improve health or safety in the work environment and on site.

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